DVD show: “The Lithuanian Gene – Two Lithuanias”

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Thursday 24th May 2012

“The Lithuanian Gene – Two Lithuanias”

Thursday 24th May 2012

Lithuanian Embassy, London


Recent geological and archaeological surveys of Lithuania and genetic studies of the population facilitate a deeper understanding of the Lithuanian nation’s formation. The interface of these three sciences gives rise to new hypotheses of the Lithuanians’ origin, temperament, and genetic characteristics. Based on genetic information, scientists can be more specific in establishing how peoples migrated around the world, while health professionals can more efficiently diagnose hereditary diseases and disease risks. “The Lithuanian Gene – Two Lithuanias” uncovers how the latest genetic research makes it possible to refine the circumstances of the emergence of the Baltic tribes: present-day Lithuanians and Latvians. It also looks into the effects of natural and geological processes on the culture of present-day Lithuanians.


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