Welcome to the British-Lithuanian Society

The British-Lithuanian Society was founded in 1994, following the re-establishment of Lithuania’s independence in 1991.

British-Lithuanian relations have since gone from strength to strength and will continue to do so through our partnership in the EU and NATO.

The Society, which is independent of governments, aims to further links of all kinds including cultural, educational, business and political ties between individuals and organisations in the United Kingdom and Lithuania.

The Society enjoys support from a broad membership with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. The members include professional people in fields such as business, banking, the law, medicine, academia and the arts, as well as private individuals who are interested in learning more about Lithuania.

The Society publishes a journal, Tiltas (‘The Bridge’), at least twice a year which is sent free of charge to members by e-mail. Non-members can read back issues.

In 2007 the Society established The Tiltas Trust, in order to facilitate the growth of community groups in Lithuania, particularly in the most vulnerable sectors.

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